Who we are

Based on our extensive experience, we are developing, manufacturing and testing propulsion and gearing systems. We are an authorized distributor for Allison Transmission Inc. and their automatic transmissions. We are producers of military gearboxes, including the XTG series and others for the CZ Army. We sell original products and spare parts from C. E. Niehoff & Co. and we deal in spare parts for MWM International engines.

We are NIMDA

The Branch of NIMDA Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002 for the purpose of producing Allison automatic transmissions for the modernized tank T-72 M4 CZ series . Over time, we have taken over the exclusive representation for the supply and service of Allison automatic transmissions for the Czech Republic. We repaired torque convertors for the American company National. In connection with the supply of alternator systems for foreign customers, we can also supply original alternators and associated accessories for Czech customers.

Obstacles are the dreaded things we see,
when we look away from our goal ...



Dakar 2022 with Allison

All four Czech teams on Dakar with Allison


Another Czech team in Dakar equipped with Allison

Ford of Fesh Fesh team with Allison


The longest Tatra truck in the world with Allison

The new Tatra truck for the transport of threaded rods over 24 meters long has been running in trial operation on the premises of company Liberty Ostrava since October. The car is unique in the world, it is the longest Tatra in the history of the production of the Kopřivnice car manufacturer